Frequently Asked Questions

  •  How can I figure out how to use this equipment?

Never used a slider? Don’t know how to use a booty band? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With your purchase of a FitGO bag, you get free access to FitGO workouts on YouTube.

  •  Are the loop bands strong enough to use for cardio?

Yes! All 3 bands are made of high-quality latex and are sturdy enough not just for cardio but also for a full-body strength and flexibility workout!

  •  Is this equipment only for people who are already in good shape?

Absolutely not! All of the equipment in the FitGO bag can be used by people just starting to exercise as well as those already in good physical shape.

  •  Are these bands good for Barre and Pilates classes?

Yes! They will add a challenge to any workout and are durable enough for any routine.

  •  Can I use these bands for stretching as well?

No reason not to! Head over to Fitgobag on YouTube to see our stretching videos and get ready to get limber!

  •  Do the Dual Sided Sliders work on carpet or hardwood?

Yes and yes!! Use the plastic side on your carpet and flip them over for hardwood. The fabric is made of soft material that slides right across your hardwood floor without scratching.

  •  Is there a weight limit for the Sliders?

No! The Sliders work for everyone.

  •  Do I need to wear shoes while using the Sliders?

Either go barefoot or wear sneakers. Socks are too slippery and not recommended.